Monday, 3 September 2012

Insulting Muslim Dress in Astro Oh Yeah

You guys should watch this video because it contained a great contempt for women who always impose Muslim clothing. What I'm feeling now is, film institutions in our country have interviewed impasse because they run out of ideas in making plans that are beneficial to the people in this country, and the biggest proof when a disgraced Muslim clothing-famous contemptible in the plan Oh Yeah Astro products.      This is also the impact of the story is more widespread joke to a serious issue can be used joke and for those who are sensitive will definitely startled than the less intelligent will surely laugh together.      Indeed, I wonder teramatlah, today, wearing face veil or niqab made ​​solely trend in weddings and special occasions when Muslim women are encouraged to wear a veil or niqab if you are able to follow the way of the application of the Prophet's wives and they must Allaah in wear. This does not, due themed wedding 'arab' or to look beautiful, then wanted to impose face veil or niqab. Much worse, when it turned into amusement material by Muslim women themselves.  
should we not busy laughing but think about it.
remember Death remember Hell remember Punishment in Grave  Wallahua'lam.


  1. I dont think she insults muslim dress. She's just mocking them, listen to the video carefully. There is no insulting intonation, she is mocking to those girl that wearing baju kurung but in a sexy way. She's not insult, but mocking them! You guys really dont have sense of humor.........


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