Thursday, 13 September 2012

I PhOne 5 Still Breathing

The much anticipated iPhone 5 has been a tad disappointing overall but will it affect the sales? Unlikely.

The new operating software or the OS known as iOS 6 was unveiled earlier and will be available on the earlier iPhone as well.

So no novelty there.Yes, the phone is slimmer, lighter and longer than iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s but these are just mere details in the larger scheme of things.

The mega pixels on the camera and retina display quality on the phone remains the same as the earlier version.
Because it's longer, the iPhone 5 will now have an extra row of icons but that comes at a price that could be too steep for some.

The apps have to be developed specifically for the iPhone 5 else the users will see black bands covering the top and bottom of the screens.

Although, this shouldn't be much of a problem as app developers are already used to making many versions of the same app for Android phones.

The iPhone 5 is not about innovation but tinkering the already present features to slightly more perfection.

The Apple fanbois will definitely lap up the phone and we sure that Apple stores will see huge queues on the launch day.


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