Tuesday, 20 December 2011

BELGIUM: chocolate truffles THE BEST CHOICES???

Many people have a favourite type of Belgian chocolate because each manufacturer's product tastes somehow different. This is a result of the secret formulas that the companies use to create their different selections. Because of the quantity of different flavors that can be added to the base cocoa to create the many different varieties available, there are an unlimited number of recipes that can be used to create a unique flavour to sell to consumers. If an individual indicates a preference for a particular type of Belgian chocolate, that should be the variety that is purchased for them. There is always a reason that an individual may select one brand over another and they may not enjoy the taste of a different brand. To be certain that the recipient gets the greatest delight out of the gift, it should be a brand that they like.

If the type of chocolate truffles that the individual enjoys is not known, then the person should choose a variety that they themselves enjoy. People who have a lot of similar interests can often have comparable tastes as well. While this is not always a solid method of choosing the right gift, more often than not the individual is pleased with the choice and the effort that went into selecting the gift.

The number of stores that have Belgian chocolate available is staggering to reflect on. A individual can purchase some type of these items at almost any shop that sells food, gifts, or specializes in candies. Some stores have very extensive inventories that take up large areas of their stores, while other stores have a limited selection located on several shelves to choose from.

One of the most popular places to purchase chocolate truffles is stores that only sell sweet items such as chocolates and candies. These stores can generally be found in large shopping areas and small stand alone stores in larger shopping areas. The inventory available at these stores are generally more pricy than those available in other stores, but the quality is often higher than what is available at other stores.

Some of the stores that specialize in items such as Belgian chocolate are branded with a specific candy maker's brand. These stores only offer the varieties that were created in the company's facility and will often have a broad of different items because that is what the business focuses on. All of the candies available at these stores may have been made using the same chocolate formula, making the flavor of the chocolate consistent for all of the items.

Another location where many people choose to get chocolate truffles is mass merchandise stores. These stores will generally have a limited choice of items that range from fair to excellent. Many of the people that choose to get their confections here are pleased with the fact that they have a number of different products available covering a wide price range and the individual can pick which item has the quality and price that matches their needs.

Another reason why many individuals decide to obtain their chocolate truffles from mass merchandisers is because it enables them to compare several other brands at one time, compared to the single brands available at most stand alone stores. This allows them to select varieties that they have never sampled before and experience them for an affordable price. A large number of individuals reveal their favourite variety by trying the different flavors available at mass merchandisers.

There are also several companies that will allow consumers to purchase chocolate truffles by mail, telephone, or online. Companies that sell their inventories in this way typically have a large and loyal consumer base that chooses their products over other similar choices. Using these stores is very simple when buying gifts for other persons because multiple selections can be mailed to many recipients with the push of a button.

nude LOhan=Playboy keep rising/in Demand

LOS ANGELES - Some reports claim bogel edition of Playboy magazine in January / February which displays nude images Lindsay Lohan selling sold.

According to entertainment website TMZ, magazine vendors who broadcast pictures of Lohan's been making additional extra booked.

One source states related pages, several major highways airports such as New York and Los Angeles are in the habit does not make them has requested additional numbers plus the magazine.

According to the source depths, there is a considerable increase in subscription.

During the magazine was sold on Friday last, he said to fail to attract buyers.

Lohan acts like the famous aktres who had died, Marilyn Monroe in the magazine. - AGENCY

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sick after biting sheep testicles

Cheyenne, United States (U.S.) - Two shepherds fell ill after the bite and to break the testes (testicles) some sheep in a single event in the state of castrated animals Wyoming, MailOnline newspaper reported yesterday.

People who have diarrhea, vomiting, stomach churn and fever admitted to a local hospital recently and confirmed inflammation of the intestines caused by bacteria kampilobakter jejuni.

Wyoming Department of Health is investigating the case found that the infection caused by the act of biting lamb testis which expose them to germs and dirt.

A total of 12 shepherds took part in the annual event that involves them removing the tail, ear marking 1.600 calves castrated sheep other than a child of the ram.

Only two shepherds involved use to castrate the animal bites and other partners to do so with a sharp knife.

Some local shepherds told, act by mouth to castrate lamb are common in Wyoming.

Mouth used to get a better grip thereby ensuring a smooth testes did not move before it is discarded. - Agency

Barca hit Madrid 3-1 at Bernabeu

El Clasico, the clash at the Bernabeu, Madrid fell again ... the last meeting between madrid and barcelona at the Bernabeu resulted in a draw one .. see the level of the sight of this meeting very interesting game .. with pelawanan of burning between the two parties. . Real in front of the result of assistance from Victor Valdez stupid mistakes .. Benzema wisely took the opportunity to open the scoring in the 23rd minute when the match starts .. startled by it, Barca continued to open up the steps .. with the movement of Messi Dribble, the past three Madrid players , Alexis Sanchez easily create strong shot to equalize .. after the break, Barca continue control the games with the possession the ball with 62%. 
Xavi put Barça ahead by releasing a shot outside the penalty box and hit to confuse Casillaz .. Party Barca continue to roar when the former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas headed pass by Dani Alves .. Here, I want to say that the distance difference between Messi and Ronaldo .. CR7 not use the opportunity of the match .. i think is flop of the match is CR7 ... boo CR7

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

El clasico part 1:Real or Barca

Benalmadena, Spain - An octopus named Messi predicted yesterday that the football club Barcelona over Real Madrid win the football game on Saturday.

Squid was named Messi named after soccer star from Argentina's Lionel Messi.

The animal was predicted winners by selecting who will eat the sardines in a bottle that has a logo of Barcelona in the Aquarium Sea Life here.

Barcelona will face Real Madrid at home


In the Football Championship Final 2010 World Cup in South Africa, an octopus named Paul was known to accurately predict all the results of matches involving the German team, including the final won by Spain.

Paul is living in aquariums in Oberhausen, Germany died on October 26, 2010. - AFP

Deepika: Slapped Tv Host

Deepika Padukone  
has been bikin excited! The beautiful actress has shocked the public when she slapped TV host, Vivaan at the launch of the Zoom in Mumbai, India recently.

However, Deepika seems to have its own reasons. Deepika said: "Indeed it is the will of the script. I needed to slap Vivaan for the first episode of Zoom. So I too slap face him."


But his actions are not seen by the fans and the general public as a script, thus forcing the situation Deepika to appear to give an explanation.

Added to the web lawab TOI: "Yes, I know my fans and the general public does not understand that I Vivaan slap at the instance of the script. That's why I come to make this explanation to avert problems in the future."

ONly 5 Minutes

BANGKOK - The Government of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej asking people united in response to the worst flooding in half a century this country.

King Bhumibol said yesterday to celebrate his birthday is the 84th year.


He said at the Great Palace for five minutes after having been carried from a nearby hospital.

King Bhumibol was admitted to hospital more than two years.

A number of people marching on the streets with flags and shouted for their king a long life.

Life of about one-fifth of Thailand's 64 million people affected by floods that began late last July.


More than 600 people have died.

King Bhumibol told the officials that the stability depends on the happiness of the people.

According to him, it is the duty to cooperate and solve problems in accordance with their best ability.

"The most important thing is that you should not be split or quarrel among themselves," he said.

Thailand has become a country in political uncertainty since the military seized power in 2006 to overthrow Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra fueling the conflict between the supporters and opponents.

The dispute sometimes cause violence with last year, 90 people lost their lives and several buildings burned. - Agency

14 vehicles collides on the highway Chugoku, Shimonoseki

TOKYO - Eight Ferrari sports car, a Lamborghini and two Mercedes cars collided on a highway in Shimonoseki, Japan's southeast Wednesday.

According to news agency AP, the police said the collision caused by a driver of a Ferrari is trying to change the way before the car hit the road barrier.

Ferrari is then turned on the highway.


Several other cars trying to avoid the collision because of the Ferrari.

No one seriously injured in the crash, but police in the province Yamaguchi said 10 people were treated for injuries suffered.

Police said 14 cars were involved in the accident.


AFP news agency reported that the cost of such breach involves 300 million yen (RM12.07 million).

Ferrari new car prices are more than 20 million yen (RM804, 794), while Lamborghini priced up to 30 million yen (RM1.20 million). - Agency

 excerpts from the admin: well all right charity (14 cars) to the admin to use.

Scientists confirm the melting glaciers in the Himalayas

Kathmandu, Nepal - Millions of people threatened by melting glaciers in the Himalayan ranges, according to several scientists who did extensive research on climate change in the region.

The discovery of three reports published in the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) showed that glaciers Nepal declined by 21 percent while Bhutan glaciers shrank 22 percent since more than 30 years ago.

The series presented the report of the United Nations climate meeting United Nations (UN) in Durban, South Africa, Wednesday is the first official confirmation of the level of melting of glaciers in the Himalayas.

It follows the announcement that scientists in 2007, glaciers in the region would be lost by 2035.

A three-year study funded by ICIMOD led Sweden's government showed 10 glaciers in the region is narrowed by a large decline occurred between 2002 and 2005.


A further study found that there were significant reductions in the total area covered by snow in the region during the last decade.

"These reports provide a new basis of other specific location information for understanding climate changes occurring in the area between the most fragile ecosystems in the world (the Himalayas ranges)," said the chairman of the international panel on climate change (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri. - AFP
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