Monday, 30 January 2012

Jose needs Fergie's blessing to get United job as Mourinho nears Real exit

Jose Mourinho will only become Manchester United’s manager this summer if Sir Alex Ferguson chooses to step aside for the self-anointed Special One.

Reports claim that Mourinho is ready to walk away as boss of Real Madrid despite his side being seven points clear of Barcelona in La Liga this season.
But his apparent desire to leave the Bernabeu will not be something the Old Trafford hierarchy respond to unless Ferguson, 70, decides to retire.

Mourinho has encountered a number of off-the-field problems at Real - not least with Spain full back Sergio Ramos - and is said to be tired of the politics. 

Expo tattoo at Colombia

Caracas - More than 200 tattoo artists from several countries such as Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico took part in the Tattoo Expo here yesterday.

Performance hanging with hooks on the shoulder are held during the expo last, AFP news agency reported yesterday.

Among the famous players who have a unique tattoo on the face of those who took part in the expo is Jose Cristerna Mary, better known as vampire woman from Mexico.

Other participants who took part were Victor and Gabriela Peralta Peralta of Argentina, Emilio Gonzalez, Quintero and Juaquin Constantino De Lima from Venezuela - Agency

Three women arrested half-naked

DAVOS, Switzerland - Three women from the establishment of women's rights advocates, FEMEN arrested for exposing the breast during a demonstration at the site of the World Economic Forum with a number of world leaders here on Saturday.

Two of them were arrested while trying to climb the fence into a resort which is location of the forum took place.

Those who claim global economic justice is to wear long pants with no shirt even though the weather was very cold. - Agency / AFP

UNique: coffin's festival

LONDON - An exhibition of unique forms of coffins to meet people when they die held in London.

Various forms of a coffin like a plane, train longer, violin and a lion on display produced by the Crazy Coffins coffin maker with headquarters in Nottingham, Britain.

"I do not think that nothing we can not do," said Managing Director of Crazy Coffins, David Crampton.

"The customer is the designer, we just do what they want.

"We told them (the customers), there is a last resort," he said.

His firm was making coffins in the form of Viking boats, Rolls-Royce cars, surfboards and kites. - AFP

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Earth facing the strongest solar storm

WASHINGTON, United States (U.S.) - Some space weather officials said the most powerful solar storm in more than six years of the Earth by radiation will occur.

Previously, solar radiation storms only affect satellites and cause problems to astronauts in space.

However, it can cause interference in aircraft communications is in the air.

Space Weather Prediction Center in the state of Colorado in a statement confirming the solar storm occurred at about 11 pm (U.S. time) on Sunday.

U.S. physicist, Doug Biesecker said the most disturbing thing about solar storms is the radiation released.

Emissions, he said, arrived at Earth hour later.

Radiation impact is expected to last until today.

According to Biesecker, the level of radiation is considered strong, but this time more severe radiation produced a number of solar storms before.

This radiation is the most powerful solar storm in May since 2005.

Plasma from the sun and the solar storms are due to arrive on Earth today.
It is expected to cause disruption to the electricity grid on Earth. - Agency

Tel Aviv, a popular gay GROUP

Tel Aviv, Israel - Tel Aviv city here to be among the most popular destinations visited by gay groups from around the world.

In this Israeli city, gay couples can walk hand in hand but they also allowed kissing in public.

In addition, a comfortable climate coupled with a variety of evening entertainment as well as ongoing campaign by the government helped make this city as a haven gay world.

The city hall here, spend some U.S. $ 100,000 (RM310, 500) or more than two-thirds of international marketing budget for the coming fishing gay tourists.

"We try to make this city by adopting a city, a model of openness, pluralism and tolerance," said Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai.

He said tens of thousands of gay tourists from abroad visit this city every year.

Tel Aviv is also announced as the best gay cities in the world in 2011 after it won first place in an international competition. - Agency

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Against prostitution: A group of girls showing breasts at the stadium

A group of girls showing breasts at the Olympic Stadium Kiev, Ukraine to protest against prostitution for foreign tourists who come to the country in conjunction with the EURO 2012.

They stood in front of the stadium, holding banners that include writing "EURO 2012 without prostitution" (EURO 2012 without prostitution).

A small ball of yellow paper "Ukraine" is seen suspended in the only clothing worn to cover their private parts of underwear.

Women's activist groups protested allegedly taking advantage of the current Ukrainian capital, Kiev became the focus of the world by European soccer festival, EURO 2012 to be held in the country.

A spokesman for the group, claiming Inna Shevchenko Ukrainian government persuaded UEFA to allow prostitution to foreign tourists during the European soccer tournament to be held from June next year.

The activist group also felt that the beauty industry is a form of prostitution.

However, the demonstration finally stopped and all of them were detained by police before he could march out of the stadium.

Active smart mathematical exercise

CALM in mathematics become one of the advantages of active children, especially those who suffer from obesity.

Regular exercise can increase the ability of obese children, who usually just sit, to think, make many plans, but improved in mathematics.

Such findings by researchers at the University of Georgia Health Sciences, United States (U.S.).

Why is Mathematics? Not clear why, but the main reason for Mathematics is a subject that has a higher level of difficulty compared to other subjects.

The researchers also hope that non-obese children who need to exercise every day, even those who are normal sized. The research is based on a study of 171 children were overweight between the ages of seven to 11 years in the U.S..

After doing exercise every day, there is a very significant development in terms of their fitness and proficiency in mathematics. According to the website Pysch Central, after the MRI scan done on the child's brain, there is increased brain activity in the prefrontal cortex is the area used to think.

Math requires greater attention to conquer it.


In addition, intelligence (IQ) also increased. The more often they exercise, the higher their IQ. On average an increase of 3.8 points for those who exercise for 40 minutes a day for three months.

Exercise performed is varied. This includes running, jump rope and exercise.

All activities must also stimulate the brain. This is because exercise makes the blood flow and oxygen to the brain on track.

In fact, one could not move if the brain is not active. For active, oxygen is needed that would make the two inter-related activities and oxygen.

Running a marathon heart damage

Before this many believe that if we do regular sports activities, we are able to maintain a healthy body. However, there are some fitness activities that need to be addressed because it can adversely affect health.

The study by the University of Melbourne, Australia recently found that those who do extreme activities like running a marathon and mountain climbing at very high risk for heart disease.

In a study of 40 athletes, researchers found that those who are actively doing sports shows signs of damage to the heart of the right ventricle and fibrosis of the heart muscle damage.


The finding, published in European Heart Journal.

Universal Declaration of beautiful football BARCA

 Very nice shoe for celebrates

Barca go ahead with one leg through to final...barca come in front in the second half with two beautiful gol...In First half, Madrid take the lead when their star, Cristiano Ronaldo scored that produce passed through of Benzema in just 11 minutes..

Captain Carles Puyol silence madrid fan with equalizer from set piece Xavi's corner 4 minutes after second half...Then, in 79 minutes Messi can deceive the madrid defense by making a beautiful pass to Abidal ...
Without any obstruction Abidal easily pushed in for the second goal that beat Iker Casillaz

Thanks Messi with the Fantastic goal..this victory is just for their Boss's 41th Birthday,Pep Guardiola..
Ronaldo still go down...Cannot be challenge with Messi

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Three Motorcycles hit by a car in Malacca

is not clear who is wrong ..? between the motorcyclist or car driver .. this incident happened at the junction of  Ayer Keroh, Malacca... said only two motorcyclists injured and another broke his leg ...

Norway's most scenic and popular tourist roads

No, this is not a ramp to launch spaceships. It is a bridge on one of Norway's most scenic and popular tourist roads - the Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian).

The bridge named Storseisundet makes a sharp bend as it jumps over a number of small islands and waterways.

The approach to the bridge looks scary as the bridge seems to end abruptly and as if any attempt to proceed would result into the vehicle flying out and dropping into the waters below.

Women wear cabbage so Awsome

BANGKOK - A woman wearing a dress made ​​of cabbage while she was on the pedestrian path here.

He also holds a card with a message to ask residents to be eaters of vegetables.


The sight of her getting the attention of people passing through the pedestrian area.

The woman is the activist organization People's Ethical To Use On Animals (PETA).

Some friends also helped her dress made ​​of cabbage .- The Agency

18/01/2012 Begins of The El cLasicO

the Fact that u must know about the El clasico

 - The last game between Madrid and Barça in the cup was last season’s final in Valencia, which the all-whites won with a Ronaldo goal in extra time.

- That was one of eight games between the old rivals in just 13 months, and was the only one that Madrid won. Barça have won 4 and there have been 3 draws.

- The last home and away meeting between the teams dates way back to 1996/97, when Barça qualified with a 3-2 win at the Camp Nou and a 1-1 draw at the Bernabéu.

- José Mourinho was assistant manager for Barça at the time and Pep Guardiola was one of the players.

- Historically, there is little to pick between the two. In 17 cup meetings over the years, Barcelona have managed 9 wins and Madrid 8.

- Barça also beat Madrid in their two most recent home and way matches in other competitions: the 10/11 Champions League semi final and the 2011 Spanish Supercup.

- Over the last 10 seasons, Barça have made the cup quarter finals 7 times and Madrid just 5.

- Madrid got here by beating Ponferradina 7-1 on aggregate and Malaga 4-2. Barça defeated L’Hospitalet (10-0) and Osasuna (6-1).

- Madrid have used 26 players in the competition, and Pepe has played the most minutes (270). But the only player who featured in all four matches was the now injured Khedira.

- Madrid’s top scorer in the cup this year is Callejón with three goals.

- Messi, Iniesta, Tello, Cesc, Cuenca and Thiago have all scored twice for Barcelona.

- Pinto is the only player who has played for ninety minutes in all four Barcelona games.

resources-Jordi Clos FCB

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Building food company Campbell's Soup demolished

KING 'S LYNN, Britain - A mother of two children, Sarah Griffiths were honored to suppress a burst of debt plus demolish a building IT infrastructure for Campbell's Soup food here kelmarin.

41-year-old Griffiths said he was relieved to feel that respect is given kerana father had died in the refinery industry kerana one misfortune.

She was victorious in one game for the operation chaired destroy these buildings are owned by the Campbell's soup food expenditures.

Building demolished menerusi one burst siri menerusi kewalan tool.

Father Griffiths, Mick Locke kerana his body scalded to death in 1995 in one misfortune wap. - Agency

Friday, 13 January 2012

Osasuna-FC Barcelona: Fight back and more classicos ahead

Roger Bogunyà
01-12-2012 23:44
Job done. Barça duly got through their last 16 tie against Osasuna with a comfortable win in Pamplona.

Guardiola's men had to come back from a goal down in the second half after Leka had put the hosts ahead before the break, but Alexis and Sergi Roberto did the job and Barça will now face Real Madrid in the first leg of the quarter finals next week  - the first classico of 2012, after seven meetings in 2011.

That first leg is at the Bernabeu next Wednesday, with the return a week later at the Camp Nou, also at 22.00.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sigbritt Lothberg: OLD lady Hackers

Sigbritt Lothberg, 75 years become one of the 'mother' of the very lucky when creating a record not for the oldest women surf the internet, but have the fastest broadband Internet connection in the world of 40GBps. This very fast internet connection so he can see live streming High Defination TV / Video (Full HD Stream) clearly without any problems. Working to download high-definition video film also requires only two seconds.

According to sources in Malaysia, Malaysian hackers posted the highest connection speed is equivalent 10Gbps STM64 using hardware from Arkatel and intermediate optical fiber medium.

His son Peter is an expert in the field of Löthberg router network, currently working as an officer in the company Cisco is the 'engineer' key in this fast internet connection.

What allows the connection 40GBps can be achieved is a new modulation technique which was invented by Peter allows data sent between two routers that have a distance 2000 miles without any additional equipment such as repeaters or other waves.


The medium used is optical fiber, adding that in theory there is no distance limitation of this technique as long as the fiber is used correctly in place.


40GBps connections prove that, Peter has shown that we buleh get high speed internet connection anywhere with cheap cost.

He said the most difficult part of this project is to install Windows software into the computer his mother.

Cannot Be shine YET The Red DeVILs

Miserable turning 2012

Despite the return of Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney, the Reds were second best at the Sports Direct Arena where the Magpies scored in each half with exquisite strikes from Demba Ba and Yohan Cabaye. The third and final nail wasn't quite in the same class - Phil Jones bundling an own goal past Anders Lindegaard, the keeper of a clean sheet in all of his previous league appearances.

Demba Ba was involved in two half-chances for Newcastle as the home side opened proceedings with a rapid tempo. First, the Senegal striker swung a boot at and missed Danny Simpson’s cross when any connection might have tested Lindegaard – shortly after, he laid the ball off for Yohan Cabaye to successfully let fly and find the gloves of the Reds’ diving Danish goalkeeper. Chiek Tiote, the Mohican-sporting Ivorian, also brought a straightforward save from Lindegaard with his early strike from distance.

At the opposite end, Tim Krul – a defiant obstacle in the sides’ 1-1 draw at Old Trafford six weeks ago – parried an effort from Nani and was perhaps lucky to gather the ball when the rebound proved too high to present Rooney with a shooting chance.

STill in Track-Barca looks up the KING

 Hunger ...Hunger
2012 has started and FC Barcelona are still hungry. Up against a brave Osasuna side in the first leg of the last 16 of the Spanish Cup, Guardiola's team won comfortably, 4-0, at the Camp Nou.

The match was pretty much decided in the first 20 minutes, in which Cesc scored the first two goals of the year for Barça. Then, in the second half, Messi rounded off the win with a header and a shot into the corner of the net, both goals unstoppable.

Messi comes on ... and scores twice
In the second half the FC Barcelona monologue continued. Messi, who recovered just in time from a bout of flu, came on and truly lifted the Camp Nou. The team, influenced by the atmosphere, responded with a flurry of football like only they can play. Chances came, one after another, in Riesgo's area, but he managed to avoid conceding a third until Messi said enough is enough, with a header in the 72nd minute.

JOURNAL 1812: Cases of Organic Diseases of the Heart and Lungs

LONDON - A sketch of the journal New England Journal of Medicine, dated 1 April 1812 shows a diagram of the human heart.

The figure is published through the article entitled Cases of Organic Diseases of the Heart and Lungs produced by John C. Warren.

Journal was founded two centuries ago by two doctors from Boston with the idea that science will be able to provide guidance in treatment. - Agency

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

the world's first hybrid sharks in Australian

SYDNEY - A group of scientists today revealed they had discovered the world's first hybrid sharks in Australian waters.

Head researchers, Jess Morgan, said the shark hybrid resulting from a mating between a black nose shark Australia common black nose with sharks at the same time is a surprising discovery in science.


"It was shocking because no one has ever seen a hybrid shark before, This is evidence of an evolutionary process," said Morgan.

He said the discovery was made during the shark hybrid species of sharks recorded work in Australia's east coast recently.


Australia's only black nose shark live in tropical climates, but a hybrid shark was found in colder waters at a distance of 2,000 kilometers from the beach.

Scientists believe that mating between two different genes occur as an adaptation to allow a black nose shark to survive even the sea water temperature is changing due to global warming. - AFP

New Era Bajaj Auto India

NEW DELHI - Bajaj Auto car manufacturer in India reveals a 200cc powered car which emits 60 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

RE60 named the car moving through the 35 miles for every one liter of petrol will join the low-priced vehicles in the country.

However, car prices were not disclosed by the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, Rajiv Bajaj.


The car is to climb up to four people with a speed 70 kilometers per hour and weighs only 400 kilograms.

It was built for the use of city users. - AF

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