Thursday, 25 August 2011

Capsule Earth balloons to tourists see

BARCELONA - A Spanish company created a capsule that will take tourists into Earth's stratosphere using helium balloons in 2013, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

Stratosphere at a height between 12 and 50 kilometers from the Earth.

Company's Zero 2 Infinity will cost a total of £ 90,000 (RM442, 734) for every tourist in the capsule for about five hours.

The tourists will enjoy views of the Earth. The capsule is designed so that they can wear T-shirts while on it.

FORM capsule that will be boarded by visitors.


Chief Executive Officer of Zero 2 Infinity, Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales said he got the idea to implement the project ten years ago.

So far, three tests have been conducted at a distance of 32.18 kilometers from Earth.

The tourists will be served food while they are in the capsules. - Agencies

Monday, 22 August 2011

Called heroes because down the Israeli flag

CAIRO - An Egyptian protesters became a hero because he sends down the flag of Israel in the Zionist regime's embassy building here yesterday.

The move was made ​​after the five members of the Egyptian border police shot dead Israeli soldiers who are chasing the people of Palestine.

The Palestinian allegedly fled to Palestine after eight people died in the territory of Israel Jews.

Israel blamed the Palestinian from Gaza who had infiltrated into Israeli territory to the death of people.

The Zionist regime then apologized following the death of five members of the Egyptian police hunt for the Palestinian militant incidents in the province of Egypt made ​​Israel.

However, Israel's actions sparked anger the people of Egypt.

A number of people gathered outside the embassy of Egypt to Israel to protest Israel's killing of the Egyptian police.

A protester who act boldly down the Israeli flag at the embassy of Israel known as Ahmed Shehat.

Israeli flag was then torn by a number of protesters and make it as a souvenir.

Several other protesters burned the Israeli flag and the United States.

A candidate for president of Egypt, Ahmed Hamdeen Sabahi praised as a hero of the people through Twitter page.

"This is for the Palestinians. This is for Egypt. This is for all Arabs. This is for individuals who are free," said one message on Twitter about courage Ahmed.


On Saturday, Egyptian Foreign Ministry called Power Efforts to warn Israel over the incident five police officers were shot dead.

Power Description Israel is called for Israel to Egypt's ambassador abroad. - Agencies

Friday, 12 August 2011

Firefly 12 tickets available, back home...yeah

Seize the chance to win 12 tickets to go back to two people with the accompanying 'FireFly' s Flight Stimulator Challenge 'with the radio circuit AMP and Weekends this.

Draft Morning Crew with JJ and Ean in and Late Era With Adi and Reza in will select listeners every day to become sebahagian than their troops in cabaran which will be held at the Lifestyle Experiential Centre (LEX), Empire Subang on 13 and 14 Ogos this.


Chairman of its Marketing and Communications, Corrina Angelina Fernandez (picture) said, cabaran with AMP radio series aims to attract more young people crowded in the aviation industry, making it once gus kerjaya choice.

"Aktiviti sebegini also very menyeronokkan but can provide opportunities to experience going juruterbang tasted really fly airplanes," he said.

Apple become the world's largest company

NEW YORK, United States (U.S.) - Giant U.S. computers and mobile phones, Apple cut global oil producer, Exxon Mobil as the largest company in the world for a while yesterday.

The value of Apple company founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 producing a smart phone iPhone and iPad tablet computer that was U.S. $ 341.5 billion (RM1.027 trillion) yesterday once overcame Exxon is worth U.S. $ 340 billion (RM1.023 trillion).

However, Exxon and then reclaim the title of world's largest companies as its shares rose to $ 352.9 billion (RM1.06 trillion), while Apple is in second place with a share value of U.S. $ 346.7 billion (RM1.04 trillion).

"Creativity takes on the strength and nature of man," said website founder of, Brent Hoberman.

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Exxon is also known under the brand name Esso, acclaimed environmental activist while Apple is credited with successfully transform daily life with the introduction of gadgets like the iPod, and iPhone iPad.
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Experts, however, believes Apple will become the first business beyond the U.S. $ 1 trillion (RM3 trillion) in the near future following the rapid growth of the company. - Agencies

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