Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Good stuff from Goodyear: Assurance Fuel Max

Produced with high technologies, this new product can give extra saving the petrol/fuel using with 4 percent % saves at about 320 liter, 15 percent (%) more mileages at about (85777 kilometres) compare with others technologies conversional tires. These products are from modern silica compound.

At the bottom area of tyres are strong being formulate because to protect pattern tyres and reduce for produce heat from tyres.

With characteristic pressure distribution, it role as minimize the friction force. It’s for reason why this product can reduce thirst tyres.

Assurance Fuel Max is design with usage of DuPont Kevlar. Kevlar is light material those five times strong than steel and are use for making bullet proof‘s cloth.

For example saving petrol:
            Average for 1.6 litres’s engine is 10 litres for every 100 kilometres (km).With Usage of Assurance Fuel Max tyres size 195/65R15 91V and moves with 80000 km. Calculation is:
            80000km (mileages) x 10 L/100 km (rate usage petrol) x 4 % (rate savings) = 320 L. As the basic, using RON95 and times with 320 litres, the saving that you can get is at about RM608.

Size 15 to 17 inches is about range from RM270 to RM520

sini saya 'UP' kan Garis panduan kad kredit 2011


  • gaji minimum pemohon baru dinaikkan daripada RM1500 kepada RM2000 sebulan.
  • Umur pemohon 21 tahun ke atas dikekalkan
  • Had kredit maksimum dua kali ganda gaji pokok berbanding tiga kali ganda sebelum ini.
  • Bagi pemegang kad bergaji RM3000 sebulan atau RM36000 setahun ke bawah, mereka hanya dibenarkan memiliki kad kredit daripada dua institusi perbankan.
  • Bermula 1 Januari 2012, pemegang kad kredit lebih dua institusi perbankan akan dinilai semula berdasarkan tamat tempoh kad sebelum ditamatkan secara automatik.
  • Bagi setiap pembatalan kad, pihak bank perlu menyediakan jadual pembayaran kepada pengguna dalam tempoh dua tahun untuk menyelesaikan baki hutang
  • Mereka yang bergaji lebih RM36000 setahun tidak terlibat dengan syarat-syarat baru ini.

How to make an exercise looks FUN, SAFE and EXCITING moment??

Prepare yourselves first with refer to get doctor’ advise before starting exercise’s program. Start slowly and make it alternate for a few weeks. After that start with 2 – 3 minutes, takes 2-3 minutes and continue again until to 15 minutes. This exercise must going up with 2-3 minutes within extended to 30 minutes in a week.

Warming up is need before you start activities to prevent pains after exercise. Cooling process must follow after the exercise like walking.

Slow down the activities if you get difficult to breath. STOP immediately when you get that not comfortable, pain and headache.

Your cloth, shoes and pants must be comfort, matching and loose fit.
Don’t eat when you hungry or full load.

Times yang be suited
·        early morning (before 9.30 am –Malaysia)
·        evening (after 6 pm- Malaysia)

·        flat surface
·        dull area
·        luminous area

Make sure take drinking water before, during and after doing exercise. This is because to replace the water in body that has been loses during in sweating.

If you are sufferers Diabetes person, bring sweet with you. Eat when you feels headache suddenly because you get Hypoglycemia symptoms (low glucose level).

If you have high blood-pressure, STOP when you feel headache, chest pain and difficult to breath.

If you are obesities, don’t take the aggressive activities and try to minimize the maximum moving because it can avoid you from muscle’s pains.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Kemampuan bersenam

Kemampuan bersenam

  1. Ujian percakapan: perlahankan intensity anda sekiranya anda sesak nafas bila bercakap semasa bersenam. Tingkatkan intensity anda sekiranya anda masih mampu bergelak ketika bersenam.
  2. kira sasaran denyutan jantun anda:
220-umur x 60 % denyutan jantung
Example : 220-70= 150
150 x 0.60 = 90
150 x 0.90 =135
    • cuba kekalka denyutan jantung di antara 90 and 135 in a minutes
    • refer/inform to doctor if:
a)      denyutan jantung semasa berehat berdekatan atau melebihi sasaran denyutan jantung anda.
b)      Anda sedang mengambil rawatan ubatan yang boleh memperlahankan kadar denyutan jantung.
                                                                           i.      Untuk mendapatkan denyutan jantung anda, mempalpat denyutan nadi di pergelangan tangan selari dengan pangkal ibu jari.
                                                                         ii.      Untuk mengira denyutan jantung, mempalpat denyutan nadi selama 10 saat. Keputusannya digandakan dengan 6.

Sumber: bahagian pendidikan kesihatan, kementerian kesihatan Malaysia.

Rainbow color Therapy??? RCT

Rainbow color Therapy??? RCT

RCT is a method therapy color that uses the application equilibrium of Yin and Yang. This France’s technique uses all rainbow color. Blue, green and purple refer to Yin’s energy while for Yang’s energy are yellow, red, orange and white.

In color therapy, red are use for influence the energy while help for reduce anemia problem, low energy, impression, low pressure-blood, skin disease and inflection urination.

Then, orange color can improve body metabolisms. Although, it can give happiness, good condition and refresh.[beta]-blocker found ineffective in first pediatric heart failure RCT.(Cardiovascular Medicine)(Disease/Disorder overview): An article from: Family Practice News

Meanwhile, yellow gives improve the intellectual, decide decision and attention. Green, gives contact with heart, stabilize energy in body. Blue also gives remove toxins and easy for blood’s move in vein/artery. In addition, give relax and good for insomnia’s problem, asthma and migraine.

Lastly, purple help for improve impression, reduce fatigues or exhaustion, prevent from the problem of mental disorder and nerves.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Diamond Symbolism and Mythology

By Michael Russell

Today, diamonds are used to symbolize eternity and love. The first diamond engagement ring can be traced to the XV century, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave the first diamond ring engagement to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. At that time, the diamond was used in its natural crystalline structure. The octahedral or eight-sided formation, like 2 pyramid joined at the base, was mounted with the lower pyramid completely hidden in the ring setting and the upper half rising out of it. Light would be reflected from all four sides of this exposed upper point. The structure of this diamond mirrors the symbolism of the Egyptian pyramids. The union in 1477 was celebrated by the exchange of a diamond betrothal ring which would have been an early example and perhaps the first royal one.
Other early example of betrothal jewels incorporating diamonds include the Bridal Crown of Blanche (ca. 1370-80) and the Heftlein brooch of Vienna (ca. 1430-40), a pictorial piece depicting a wedding couple. In the 19th century, Napoleon gave his wife Marie Louise an exquisite diamond necklace on the birth of their son. Perhaps the most published romantic diamond gifts in modern times have been the jewels given by Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor. These include a 33 carat diamond worth over $9 million and the pear-shaped 69 carat Taylor-Burton diamond.

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Are You At Risk For A Silent Stroke or TIA? Three Risk Factors To Be Aware

A transient ischemic attack, or TIA, strikes millions of people each year. Most go unnoticed or are mistaken for something else. They are deadly serious, however, as they are often a precursor to a major stroke.
The deviousness of a TIA is that it usually happens without you realizing it - at least not right away. In fact, it can be so innocuous that many people have referred to it as a silent stroke. Many times, the only symptoms are indirect ones such as a dramatic change in mental functioning. For example, you may suddenly start to forget small things such as where you put your keys, phone numbers that you have been dialing for years, the names of people who you see everyday, and many other such "senior moments."
On the positive side, however, a TIA diagnosis will often lead to you making a long overdue change in eating habits and lifestyle changes that will, ultimately, result in you living a healthier and longer life. And, unlike many who have had a full blown stroke, with no warning, you have been given a second chance at a full life - if you are smart enough to take advantage of it.
Many people have fears of growing older because it is so often associated with loss. You can look forward to loss of hair, diminished eyesight, loss of physical mobility, and more. But, more than almost anything else, is the fear of dementia - of losing yourself. And dementia is what is at risk when you have a TIA.
At one time, it was thought that dementia was an unavoidable result of aging. But as researchers have studied diseases and aging over the years, many have come to the conclusion that a primary trigger for dementia is a stroke - either a silent one or a major incidence.
So, what causes a TIA? According to researchers, there are three main risk factors that increase the odds of your having a TIA.
The first of these is age. As is true with many ailments, as we age, we become more susceptible to a variety of illnesses. Our immune systems break down and our cardiovascular system starts to wear out. Older people, specifically those over fifty years of age, are at greater risk for a silent stroke.
Another group of people who are at risk for TIAs are those with an irregular heart beat. This is often hereditary and people in this group have to be particularly careful of cardiovascular related illnesses in general.
The last big risk factor that often comes into play in individuals who suffer a silent stroke is the presence of high blood pressure or hypertension. Ironically, this is the only factor of the three that you have some control over - and it is the biggest risk factor of the three. And, the sad thing is that most people could prevent this condition if they were to limit their consumption of 'bad' foods and increase the amount of physical activities in which to indulge.

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Friday, 6 May 2011

Fruits and vegetables: for ur life??

There are 6 types of fruits and vegetables that can be taken for control or defenses from diseases.

  1. Celery
    • Soft trunked
    • Rich with phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, carotine, vitamin A, B-complex and C.
    • Can reduce high blood-pressure
    • Launced menstrual-cycle and avoid from whitish
    • Cure for skin disease like rashes and acne.

  1. Guava
    • The skin of fruit and contents are contain more vitamin C that good for skin, teeth, gums and cure wounds.
    • Leaves and flowers of guava contain vitamin B (pectin)-good for reduce cholesterol in blood (especially type-LDL)

  1. delima
    • Jus good for hot fever, cough, mouth’s ulcer and in preventing constipation.
    • Contain tannin, citric acid( anti-oxidant), vitamin C and boric acid as natural antiseptics

  1. Papaya
    • Contain potassium, calcium, vitamin A, C and karpain (attempt to slow down the breathing, reduce high blood-pressure, kill amoeba and stimulate urination
    • broth young papaya also can reduce high blood-pressure

  1. Soursop
    • Also contain phosphorus, calcium, vitamin B and C that good for skin, teeth.
    • Important for menopausal women that can prevent osteoporosis.

  1. Cabbage
    • Contain anti-cancer
    • Inhibit for stomach-ulcer, anti-bacteria for immunization
    • Eat as dish (not cook at long-time)

Is Your Cell Phone A Health Hazard?

Collectively, Americans spend more than 6 billion minutes a day glued to their cell phones. But new science suggests a link between heavy cell phone use (30 minutes or more a day) and an increased risk of a type of brain cancer. And now a brand-new study from the National Institutes of Health reports that the electromagnetic radiation that's given off by a cell phone antenna triggers an increase of brain glucose in the area of the head that's closest to where the cell phone is held. The health effects, if any, remain unknown. But if you want to minimize your exposure until all the evidence is in, follow these proven safety tips from Devra Lee Davis, PhD, an epidemiologist and author of the book Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation.
4. Save the long chats for a noncordless landline or an Internet phone system, like Skype.

9 Soups That Make You Fat

9 Soups That Make You Fat
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