Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Balotelli's head image on a wheat field

Castagnaro - An artist, Dario Gambarini using a tractor to produce an image as the head of Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli in a wheat field here yesterday.


According to Gambarini, he made a work of art to pay homage to the Italian squad.


The image was successfully completed before the Italian team against England in the European Football Championship (Euro) in 2012.


- Agency

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Covered BUT...................

Today's modern enough..

Various fashion was born today.

But man that have status "ISLAM" skids especially for women

Thanks for them for wearing scarf or 'Tudung' or something that can shield their hair/ head.

But still still lack in their AKIDAH with wearing scarf like this...

Pssssss- HOPE the person that in the 'diagram' above think by yourself..think rapidly..Pat your chest, asking your IMAN....

The clearest image of the nebula

SANTIAGO, Chile - European Observatory (ESO) to publish the most clear picture of a young galaxy called War and Peace Nebula (NGC 6357)

The image is recorded using the Large Telescope (LT) owned by ESO, on Monday.


Voc telescope located in Atacama Desert, northern Chile.

View shows the number of young stars, clouds of gas and dust of the universe.


KUALA LUMPUR - An employee of the Faculty of University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) here might die if he remains in a taxi when the vehicle suddenly pierced the way to penetrate the barrier rail passenger seats front after 10 minutes he came down yesterday.

Incident near a UMMC faculty at 2.30 pm and took place after the cross over about three meters that are not tied to the motion when the wind and penetrate the taxi's windshield Asenar Moido, 50.

According Asenar, he did not get on the brakes to avoid swinging the barrier for the incident, the iron suddenly towards his cab when the wind blows strong.

"About 10 minutes before that, I bring a female passenger who works at the Faculty of Medicine who asked me to send them UMMC to the front of the premises to use roads not passable for claiming that he was too late in addition to the bar is closed.

"When going out, I use the same road and rail barrier unexpectedly sudden way through the passenger side windshield to tip up to the park's head," the story of good fortune does not hurt.

so be CAREfull K...

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Shy Hong Kongers urged to have more sex

Sex experts are urging Hong Kongers to strip off their reputation as some of the least active lovers in Asia to get more out of their sex lives and overcome challenges of privacy in a cramped city.

(HONG KONG-AFP) - Sex experts are urging Hong Kongers to strip off their reputation as some of the least active lovers in Asia to get more out of their sex lives and overcome challenges of privacy in a cramped city.
'People say Hong Kongers have the least amount of sexual knowledge in the world. One of the reasons is they have no place to have sex,' said professor Emil Ng, associate director at the Family Institute of the University of Hong Kong.
Financial pressure, career-driven mentalities and limited space are seen as key drivers of a fertility rate that is one of the lowest in the world by some measures, with an average 1.04 births per woman according to the World Bank.
Ng, who believes monogamy in general is 'behind the times', thinks another factor driving Hong Kong's sexual timidity is sky-high property prices.

Younger Hong Kong residents typically live at home deep into their 20s or 30s because they can't afford to marry and move out earlier, meaning that many sleep in close proximity to their parents in cramped apartments.
'Hong Kong is too crowded and lacks the privacy people need to have sex,' said Ng, who organised the fifth Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival which took place last month.
The festival, held jointly by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Sex Education Association, aimed to promote more liberal views on sex in the socially conservative southern Chinese city.
And in a sign that traditional Chinese attitudes towards sex may be changing, a record number of visitors showed up at the recent 2012 China Adult-Care Expo of adult wares in China's biggest city of Shanghai.
This year's expo -- Asia's largest trade fair for the adult industry -- was the biggest in the event's nine-year history, attracting thousands of visitors, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post reported

When it comes to going under the covers, Hong Kong couples are content with having sex less than twice a week, according to a 2011 survey published by City University's Community College.

More than half of the women questioned in the Hong Kong survey admitted feigning illness or tiredness to avoid sex when they were not in the mood.

The study of nearly 1,000 adults aged 36 to 80 showed that men were satisfied with having sex an average of 1.9 times a week, while women were content with 1.6 times.

This compares with the top rate of more than three times per week in Greece, more than twice in India and less than once per week in Japan, according to British condom manufacturer Durex, whose 2008 survey found Hong Kongers ranked third lowest in the world in sexual confidence

Eat naked… loss tips

 As a scientific study suggests sleeping in your parents' bed as a child makes you slimmer when you grow up, we look at some of the more weird and wonderful ways to battle the bulge.

The key to losing weight is simple; eat a balanced diet and work up a sweat a few times a week and you will more than likely remain at a healthy weight.

However, recent research suggests that keeping the muffin-top at bay might not be as straightforward as we think. The complexities of the human body, not to mention the mind, mean that anything from painting your kitchen blue to eating off smaller plates could affect your weight.

Eat naked
It's enough to put anyone off their food, but the secret to losing weight could be... dining in the buff. Fans of the 'Naked Lunch' diet claim that eating without any clothes on makes you feel self-conscious about every fat-laden mouthful, so you eat less.

England SuRviVed

England go through to Quarter Final in EURO 2012 after beat the co-partner Ukraine in group D. They Beat Ukraine with 1-0. 

Wayne Rooney open scoring sheet in their first appearance in this tournament.

But still in controversy..Reff 'Cannot take part in judging the ball that show crossed the lined gol..

England’s goal only served to inspire the Ukrainians and they had two fantastic chances in the space of two minutes on the hour mark. The first came from a quick corner from the left but Milevskiy was unable to keep his header down from Yarmolenko’s cross despite getting in front of Joleon Lescott.


A minute later a piece of heroic defending from Terry kept England ahead as his acrobatic clearance denied Devic, although replays appeared to show the ball had actually crossed the line and the striker was, in fact, offside in the build-up.

Posted for UKRAIN team and supporters

Banned laughter YoGa: COURT BomBay

MUMBAI - yoga exercises are thought to reduce stress and maintain a healthy body, but a club here yoga workout sessions directed to stop laughing in the morning after authorities received complaints from local residents.

Bombay High Court ordered the police to stop the session after a 78-year-old senior citizens complain of exercise makes him laugh mental stress, as well as by residents in the neighborhood concerned.


"It is not appropriate for the exercise group gathered outside someone's house and laugh like crazy," says panel of judges after hearing the petition submitted by Vinayak Shirsat residing in Kurla, the edge of the city.

According to the petition, there are 10 to 15 members of the group gathered at 7 am for singing, clapping and laughing out loud.


"They laugh with all my might, each member of the exercise group was encouraged to laugh as hard as possible," said Shirsat in his complaint.

Laughter yoga popularized as a routine exercise by an Indian medical doctor, Madan Kataria in 1995. - AFP

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Thousands of ducks WALK ROAD in Taizhou

Taizhou, China - A farmer yesterday cause the movement of traffic on a road here ceased, reports the Daily Mail yesterday.

Some of the cars and motorcycles stopped to allow the animals to move in groups to go to the pool.

Farmers and a few associates control the movement of about 5,000 ducks by using a stick.

- Agency

Katy Perry show clothing controversy

TORONTO, Canada - pop star Katy Perry created a controversy when she performed at the MuchMusic Awards here, according to The Sun newspaper yesterday.

The singer appeared to wear tight clothes and rare.


Perry, 27, wearing the sexy clothes when she sang her new single, Wide Awake.

She has won two awards, including Artist and Choice International Group at the function held yesterday.


In addition to Perry, the award is also fielding a number of popular artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and the group LMFAO.

Jepsen won three awards, namely Best Video, Most Viewed Video and Video to popular song, Call Me Maybe.

Bieber's a lot of support with fellow singer also praised the success of Jepsen.

Jepsen also sang along with Flo Rida in the ceremony.

Bieber also sang the song All Around the World in the award.

He also won best music video through the song Boyfriend.

LMFAO boost the event when playing nimble on stage after they received the Best International Video for Artists Group for their popular song, Sexy And I Know It. - Agency
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