Monday, 19 January 2015

Protests in Niger exchange malignant

NIAMEY - Thirty-five people were killed and several churches were burnt in Niger on Monday in the latest protest against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad by the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

Anger on the publication of the cartoons erupted in several Muslim countries, while in Niger, chaos in the former French colonies in Africa it entered its second day on Tuesday.

In the demonstration, approximately 1,000 youths armed with iron bars, clubs and boat ramp in the capital of Niger, here. They threw stones at police who responded with tear gas release.

At least eight churches were burnt while the French Embassy here urged citizens not to go out of their homes.

In addition, a number of bars, hotels and various businesses owned by non-Muslims who have relations with France are also being targeted.

Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in Charlie Hebdo


On Friday, five people were killed and 45 others injured in similar protests in cities both in Niger, Zinder.

Unrest in the country prompted the President of Niger, Mahamadou Issoufou, calling on citizens to remain calm.

"They were invaded, plundered and polluted the house of worship and killing of fellow Christians do not understand anything about Islam," he said.

In France, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius condemned the use of violence in the Niger while President Francois Hollande said France is committed to voting rights and will not tolerate thereon.

In the meantime, about 15,000 people gathered in Ingushetia, Russia barbaric act of protest against Charlie Hebdo.

Similar protests were held in Pakistan on Friday. In Gaza, the French cultural center littered with graffiti that says: "Go to hell, French journalists." - AFP

California seized 20,000 apples

KUCHING - Nearly 20,000 species of Gala apples and Granny Smith worth about RM82,000 were suspected of being contaminated with Listeria bacteria monocytegenes seized by the Sarawak Health Department in two separate operations in Sibu and here yesterday.

State Health Director, Dr. Males Zulkifli said the operation was held after receiving instructions from the Ministry of Health following the US Food and Drug Administration issued a notice about the pollution yesterday.

He said, the supplier has also been directed to withdraw apples and across the country to ensure that no untoward incident.


TsuNami at Kelantan

happy new year 2015 for everyone...before that i need to pray for my Lord ALLAH as give chance to me breathe as a usual..too many that happened in 2014..

MH 370
MH 17

its beautiful Maths 
total it as is as accidentally or as myth or as conspiracy or with did it must pray n hopefully shunt or safe from any disaster..

26 Disember 2004 that is the date that Tsunami occured and many things and life leave from earth.. same as in Kelantan (Malaysia) in 26 Disember 2014.
 at Kg Keluak, Kuala Krai, Kelantan

at Manek Urai
at Tumpat

and many more sadness that cannot be out from my heart to see and heard about the situation..many volunteers from government, NGO and other folk work as together to help their community to build all that lost

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