Thursday, 6 September 2012

clone oF Die HaRd's StUnT

BUSAN, South Korea - A member of the traffic policy here held as John McClane South Korea after he imitated the action film Die Hard hero when capturing a criminal, according to the media last night.   CNN reported Kim Hyun-cheol, 33, praised the courage to stick to his deep entrepreneurial mirror before a train that is guided by a suspect for 25 Minit to stonewall him respect rather than escape.  
Hyun-cheol acquire enthusiasts crowded in their home country after posing horror action video clips were scattered. According , Joongang Daily, Hyun-cheol was initially stopped after the suspect asked to see make it illegal U centrifuge central airport here. However while he writes warrant for the error, regarding a man identified by his surname, Jeong kenderaannya early thrash. For 25 Minit later, the suspect was lashing his chariot with members of the policy regarding vehicles that stick to the mirror. "He (the suspect) as feared things. She just opened the little hatch wagon," said Hyun-cheol by  Joongang Daily. Finally, he was forced to stop his train his deep distress traffic. He was later arrested during want to escape . "I risked myself interlock train " said Hyun-cheol. "I remember I was going to die. Interlock because I still really wanted me catch this guy," he said. Jeong then found some chan that desired policy related criminal bye. According to Hyun-cheol, she suffered minor wounds in the chest and legs, and requires a period of three weeks to heal completely. CNN reports Hyun-cheol had was promoted after the incident. The image was recorded on 26 August ago. - Agencies


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