Thursday, 13 September 2012

INDICATORS feeling ripped the U.S. flag outside the U.S. embassy in Egypt

LOS ANGELES - Filmmaker who sparked Muslim anger for producing films of Prophet Muhammad SAW said was hiding.


The film, produced by writer and director, Sam Bacile has resulted in the demonstration at the U.S. Embassy (U.S.) in Egypt and Libya, as well as the killing of a U.S. State Department official there.

Bacile who spoke by telephone from an unknown location still defend themselves by saying Islam is a cancer and wanted his film to be a political statement.

The 56-year-old man was exposing himself as a Jewish Israel. According to him, the film would help Israel by exposing evils of Islam to the world.


Film excerpts translated into Arabic were broadcast on the video site YouTube. The film sparked outrage because it insulted the Prophet Muhammad as a female foot and allow sexual harassment on the child.

Bacile expressed regret for the death of the embassy staff, but blamed the security of the affected premises. - AP


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