Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sigbritt Lothberg: OLD lady Hackers

Sigbritt Lothberg, 75 years become one of the 'mother' of the very lucky when creating a record not for the oldest women surf the internet, but have the fastest broadband Internet connection in the world of 40GBps. This very fast internet connection so he can see live streming High Defination TV / Video (Full HD Stream) clearly without any problems. Working to download high-definition video film also requires only two seconds.

According to sources in Malaysia, Malaysian hackers posted the highest connection speed is equivalent 10Gbps STM64 using hardware from Arkatel and intermediate optical fiber medium.

His son Peter is an expert in the field of Löthberg router network, currently working as an officer in the company Cisco is the 'engineer' key in this fast internet connection.

What allows the connection 40GBps can be achieved is a new modulation technique which was invented by Peter allows data sent between two routers that have a distance 2000 miles without any additional equipment such as repeaters or other waves.


The medium used is optical fiber, adding that in theory there is no distance limitation of this technique as long as the fiber is used correctly in place.


40GBps connections prove that, Peter has shown that we buleh get high speed internet connection anywhere with cheap cost.

He said the most difficult part of this project is to install Windows software into the computer his mother.


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