Tuesday, 8 May 2012

farEWell Pep, Good jOb SpeciaL OnE

'Good Job Mou',GoOd tO FinD thE nEw Life PeP

El ClasIco cannOt be DissappoInted Next SeaSon..La Liga Still The Best League EvEr


ReAL Championade

thE BesT Ever SCorer

Messi’s 50 league goals are more than twice as many as 49 of the competition’s previous leading goalscorers, who include Zarra (19 goals in season 1944/45 and 24 in 1945/46), Di Stéfano (24 goals in 1955/56), Puskas (20 goals in 1963/64), Quini (20 goals in 1973/74, 18 in 1975/76, 24 in 1979/80 and 20 in 1980/81), Hugo Sánchez (19 goals in 1984/85 and 22 in 1985/86), Raúl González (25 goals in 1998/99 and 24 in 2000/01) and Ronaldo (24 goals in 2003/04).

His average of 1,39 goals a game is the fourth highest amongst Pitxitxis, only bettered by ‘Bata’ (1,59 goals in 1930/31, with 27 goals in 17 games), Lángara (1,44 goals in 1933/34, with 26 goals in 18 games) and Zarra (1,42 goals in 1946/47, with 34 goals in 24 games) and the same as the ex- Barça goalscorer Martín (1,39 goals in 1942/43, with 32 goals in 23 games).

The Argentinean superstar has now scored more goals so far this season than 13 of La Liga’s teams, scored nine goals in his last three games and has bagged twice as many as 49 of the previous “Pitxixis”

Messi has scored none goals in his last three games – his second best run at the Club.
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