Friday, 30 November 2012

3 Nightmare RASULULLAH before UHUD' s WAR

  1. Mimpi lembu kena sembelih (tandanya ada ahli atau para Sahabat yang akan terkorban/SYAHID semasa perang UHUD)
  2. Mata pedang tersepih (tandanya ahli keluarga akan terkorban/SYAHID semasa perang UHUD) iaitu Sayyidina Hamzah ibn Abi Mutalib.
  3. Tangan bersimpuh /berlipat ke arah badan ( tentera akan berundur masuk ke Madinah)-bukan tanda Umat Islam kena melarikan diri akan tetapi untuk membalas serangan Quraisy sekiranya mereka masuk ke dalam Madinah.....
Menurut Ulamak Fuqaha --->

 mimpi boleh dipercayai ATAU boleh ditafsirkan mimpinya ATAU tanda-tanda kuatnya mimpi adalah semasa tidurnya akan seseorang itu ketika:

  • selepas QIAMMULAIL
  • selepas Solat Subuh stelah terbitnya matahari
  • sebelum waktu ZUHUR
Seorang Khatib di SYIRIA menerangkan bahawa sekiranya mimpi akan dia di sesuatu tempat, melihat Rasulullah dalam keadaan tidak elok (bukannya kelihatan yang benar-benar tidak baik) TANDANYA sunnah Rasulullah dihapuskan di kawasan tersebut..

contohnya: ada seseorang bermimpi melihat keadaan seorang Insan yang menggelarkan dirinya RASULULLAH tetapi keadaan yang tidak elok di taman perumahannya..maksudnya kawasan tersebut berada di luar ajaran ISLAM/TOLAK HUKUM/SUNNAH NABI..nauzubiLLAH..

cuba bandingkanlah di MALAYSIA kita ter'CINTA'

Who Abdullah bin Ubai???Siapa dia???

Today i want to share about the person that want to drop, rubbish ISLAM during the time of Rasulullah S.A.W in develop, defend, fight for Islam..

Although a long ago, he became a strong comparison in ISLAM.

that is  ABDULLAH bin UBAI


  • 'Gunting Dalam Lipatan'
  • 'Musuh Dalam Selimut'
  • 'Talam Dua Muka'
  • 'Ular Dalam Baju'
The man who  tribal chief Hazraj (ketua suku kaum Hazraj)

also hate ISLAM but

Converted to Islam after seeing the Muslims defeated the Quraysh during the Battle of Badr
(Memeluk Islam setelah melihat orang Muslim menewaskan kaum Quraisy semasa Perang BADAR)

First person agreeing PROPHET MUHAMMAD' strategy to face UHUD's . Why he agree, and really agree because for refusing to participate in war.


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Al Furqon Al Haq is fake QURAN (II)

Muslims return shocked by writing a book that later claimed as "incomparable" Al-Quran. The book's title is also taken from one of the properties of Al-Quran, namely "Al Discrimination" (distinguishing between truth and falsehood).

In the instruction, the second author never mentions the full name, Al Saffee and Al Mahdy, stating his call: "To the Arab nations in particular and Muslim Ummah in general around the world:" Peace and mercy of God reigns supreme over all things. "But in the medium at, the author plainly says that this book is "The most plausible challenge to the Arabic Quran in history" (the real challenge of the Quran in Arabic in history).

In a press release issued by Baptist Press during the early publication of a book prepared for seven years, Al Mahdy says with optimism: "Let the Christian community around the world prepare to celebrate the presence of the Islamic nation to be apostates into the midst of them" .

 We must always remember that one day the Quran will ascend to heaven.

So that's when the emergence of the Last Day.

This is proof of Allah: "Arrangements are to be put out (the light of) Allah with their mouths, and Allah will complete His Light even though the disbelievers hate" (Ash Shaff: 8).
They defy God by making false Quran when Allah has cautioned:

قال تعالى: وإن كنتم في ريب مما نزلنا على عبدنا فأتوا بسورة من مثله وادعوا شهدآءكم من دون الله إن كنتم صادقين {23} فإن لم تفعلوا ولن تفعلوا فاتقوا النار التي وقودها الناس والحجارة أعدت للكافرين {24}

"And if you (still) in doubt about the Qur'an which We reveal unto Our slave (Muhammad), create a letter (only) of the Qur'an Resembling like it and encourage all friends and friendship besides Allah, if you are who is true. (23). So if you can not make (him) and you would not be able to make (him), fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for those who reject (24) ".


Al Furqon Al Haq is fake QURAN

Tell to all your friends about the Qur'an false by the name of Al-Furqon Al-Haq was first printed and published in the country of Kuwait and Iraq Muslims. disseminated and published by the American and Israeli nephew.

False Qur'an (Al-Furqon Al-Haq), published in Arabic and has been translated into the English language has 77 letters made in 366 pages, among the names are: Al-Fatiha, Al-Nur, As- Salam, Al-Mahabbah, the Messiah, Ats-Tsalluts, Al-Mariqin, Az-Adultery, Al-Makirin, Ar-shaky, Al-Injil, Al-Asatir, Al-Kafirin, At-Tanzil, At-tahrif, Al-Jannah, Al-Adha, Al-Abas, Ash-Shahid.

الفاتحة, النور, السلام, المحبة, المسيح, الثالوث, المارقين, الصلب, الزنا, الماكرين, الرعاة, الإنجيل, الأساطير, الكافرين, التنزيل, التحريف, الجنة, الأضحى, العبس, الشهيد

By using the incoherent Tasmiyah that combines three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. basmalahnya this:

بسم الأب الكلمة الروح الإله الواحد الأوحد مثلث التوحيد موحد التثليث ما تعدد

This means: "with the name of god spirit father esa sentence in one of three in three for different"

And this is the verses of the Holy Qur'an is false:

* In a letter Al-Muftarah:

يا أيها الناس لقد كنتم أمواتا فأحييناكم بكلمة الإنجيل الحق, ثم نحييكم بنور الفرقان الحق

This means: "O thou dead and turn it back on with the Muslim al-haq gospel then we switch (back) to light furqon al-al-haq".

* In a letter of the Messiah:

وزعمتم بأن الإنجيل محرف بعضه فنبذتم جله وراء ظهوركم

This means: "and you think that al-gospel has changed (fake) and then you reject some of them butt-butt behind you."

وقلتم: آمنا بالله وبما أوتي عيسى من ربه, ثم تلوتم منكرين, ومن يبتغ غير ملتنا دينا فلن يقبل منه, وهذا قول المنافقين

This means: "and you say: We believe in Allah and that which is revealed anything of Moses from his Lord then you reject it, and anyone who makes other than our religion as their religion will not be accepted from him, and this is the word of hypocrites."

beg in Help spread ..!!
And this all turns out false revelations made in America and the enemies of Islam were others.


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ridiculous Result???

Today Fail..but still in track...barca go barca..take the challenge. Despite fail to continue celebrate the historic, Messi still show their abilities in that match.

marvellous Free-kick from Mesut
Real Madrid save from dumped by Dortmund. The Germany’ giant show their hungry in blasts the Galacticos down. Thanks to Reus..ridiculous shoot from distance..Mesut Ozil secure their point by marvellous free-kick from 2-4 minutes left

Malaga make their history go through to next round for maintain their position at the top of group. Ac Milan still in struggling in taht group B..Allegri keep his mouth left out.

oscar scored Fourth Goal in this campaign

Porto and Man United there is no problem to continue the struggle..they can rest the important player or arranged their team to gives challenge next round.

Ibra help the team-assist all 4 goal

Team of English clubs (Chelsea,Man City and Arsenal) still in the dim level of their capabilities.

more information can explore this-

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