Monday, 14 November 2011

Stripper selling in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Service stripper in high demand in Singapore, although these activities violate the law of the country.


Although police have raided the power of any place including private homes of suspected improper activities, it failed to prevent nude dancers from Singapore to advertise their services.

Normally, the stripper in Singapore consists of white collar workers of age 20's.

They became an exotic dancer after office hours to meet the demands of the heterosexual and gay on the island.

The owner of a local entertainment agency 2niteok Entertainment, Bryan Tan who is a stripper for eight years, said the dance services in high demand among the population of the island.

"Dancing naked is normal in the West, but now it is increasingly popular in Singapore," said Tan, who worked as the administrative officer in the daytime.

According to the company Web site, charges for subscribing to dance semi-nude is Sg $ 300 (RM736) for the show for 20 minutes and costs Sg $ 400 (RM981) is to completely strip.


For female stripper, they usually wear a bra and panties during the show.

"Men would prefer to see women dressed than fully naked," said an executive woman, Jasmine Tan, 28, who is a stripper for three or four times a month.

Average stripper here keep their side job because of family culture is still conservative Singapore. - AFP


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