Thursday, 19 January 2012

Universal Declaration of beautiful football BARCA

 Very nice shoe for celebrates

Barca go ahead with one leg through to final...barca come in front in the second half with two beautiful gol...In First half, Madrid take the lead when their star, Cristiano Ronaldo scored that produce passed through of Benzema in just 11 minutes..

Captain Carles Puyol silence madrid fan with equalizer from set piece Xavi's corner 4 minutes after second half...Then, in 79 minutes Messi can deceive the madrid defense by making a beautiful pass to Abidal ...
Without any obstruction Abidal easily pushed in for the second goal that beat Iker Casillaz

Thanks Messi with the Fantastic goal..this victory is just for their Boss's 41th Birthday,Pep Guardiola..
Ronaldo still go down...Cannot be challenge with Messi


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