Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ferguson Bet Rooney

LONDON - Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson on Wayne Rooney's confidence to put the team at the summit of the Premier League.
England striker was not listed in the starting line when the team The Red Devils lost 2-3 to Blackburn Rovers surprise yesterday.
Rooney was fined £ 250,000 (RM1, 025,400) which is equivalent to salary and directs the player a week back in training tomorrow.
Rooney was sentenced after being found guilty out the night with his wife, Coleen and his team-mate Darron Gibson and Johnny Evans in Southport.


Disputes between Ferguson and United players difficult to avoid, but the manager would end 'conflict' with the list of Rooney in action against Newcastle United on Thursday morning.
Ferguson had to be firm with both of United's striker and Rooney explains, this action is not a big problem as a result he almost left Old Trafford in October last year.
Meanwhile, Ferguson said: "Rooney did not receive adequate training this week.
"He (Rooney) missed a training session for a few days but I hope he will be back to practice tomorrow (Thursday morning Malaysian time)," Ferguson said.
The Red Devils squad to rise immediately after the humiliation of defeat to bottom club on the birth anniversary of the Ferguson-70.
Newcastle clash is considered essential before United play in the FA Cup third round of competition against the nearest enemy, Manchester City on Sunday.
Ferguson admitted that he needed a touch Rooney, 26, to ensure the team continues to play very well to weather the challenges to come this year.
"That was the end. There is no dispute between Rooney and manager. The problem is over and Wayne will be revealed against Newcastle," said a source at Old Trafford. - Agency


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