Thursday, 19 January 2012

Against prostitution: A group of girls showing breasts at the stadium

A group of girls showing breasts at the Olympic Stadium Kiev, Ukraine to protest against prostitution for foreign tourists who come to the country in conjunction with the EURO 2012.

They stood in front of the stadium, holding banners that include writing "EURO 2012 without prostitution" (EURO 2012 without prostitution).

A small ball of yellow paper "Ukraine" is seen suspended in the only clothing worn to cover their private parts of underwear.

Women's activist groups protested allegedly taking advantage of the current Ukrainian capital, Kiev became the focus of the world by European soccer festival, EURO 2012 to be held in the country.

A spokesman for the group, claiming Inna Shevchenko Ukrainian government persuaded UEFA to allow prostitution to foreign tourists during the European soccer tournament to be held from June next year.

The activist group also felt that the beauty industry is a form of prostitution.

However, the demonstration finally stopped and all of them were detained by police before he could march out of the stadium.


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