Thursday, 19 January 2012

Active smart mathematical exercise

CALM in mathematics become one of the advantages of active children, especially those who suffer from obesity.

Regular exercise can increase the ability of obese children, who usually just sit, to think, make many plans, but improved in mathematics.

Such findings by researchers at the University of Georgia Health Sciences, United States (U.S.).

Why is Mathematics? Not clear why, but the main reason for Mathematics is a subject that has a higher level of difficulty compared to other subjects.

The researchers also hope that non-obese children who need to exercise every day, even those who are normal sized. The research is based on a study of 171 children were overweight between the ages of seven to 11 years in the U.S..

After doing exercise every day, there is a very significant development in terms of their fitness and proficiency in mathematics. According to the website Pysch Central, after the MRI scan done on the child's brain, there is increased brain activity in the prefrontal cortex is the area used to think.

Math requires greater attention to conquer it.


In addition, intelligence (IQ) also increased. The more often they exercise, the higher their IQ. On average an increase of 3.8 points for those who exercise for 40 minutes a day for three months.

Exercise performed is varied. This includes running, jump rope and exercise.

All activities must also stimulate the brain. This is because exercise makes the blood flow and oxygen to the brain on track.

In fact, one could not move if the brain is not active. For active, oxygen is needed that would make the two inter-related activities and oxygen.


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