Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tel Aviv, a popular gay GROUP

Tel Aviv, Israel - Tel Aviv city here to be among the most popular destinations visited by gay groups from around the world.

In this Israeli city, gay couples can walk hand in hand but they also allowed kissing in public.

In addition, a comfortable climate coupled with a variety of evening entertainment as well as ongoing campaign by the government helped make this city as a haven gay world.

The city hall here, spend some U.S. $ 100,000 (RM310, 500) or more than two-thirds of international marketing budget for the coming fishing gay tourists.

"We try to make this city by adopting a city, a model of openness, pluralism and tolerance," said Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai.

He said tens of thousands of gay tourists from abroad visit this city every year.

Tel Aviv is also announced as the best gay cities in the world in 2011 after it won first place in an international competition. - Agency


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