Thursday, 26 January 2012

Earth facing the strongest solar storm

WASHINGTON, United States (U.S.) - Some space weather officials said the most powerful solar storm in more than six years of the Earth by radiation will occur.

Previously, solar radiation storms only affect satellites and cause problems to astronauts in space.

However, it can cause interference in aircraft communications is in the air.

Space Weather Prediction Center in the state of Colorado in a statement confirming the solar storm occurred at about 11 pm (U.S. time) on Sunday.

U.S. physicist, Doug Biesecker said the most disturbing thing about solar storms is the radiation released.

Emissions, he said, arrived at Earth hour later.

Radiation impact is expected to last until today.

According to Biesecker, the level of radiation is considered strong, but this time more severe radiation produced a number of solar storms before.

This radiation is the most powerful solar storm in May since 2005.

Plasma from the sun and the solar storms are due to arrive on Earth today.
It is expected to cause disruption to the electricity grid on Earth. - Agency


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