Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Good stuff from Goodyear: Assurance Fuel Max

Produced with high technologies, this new product can give extra saving the petrol/fuel using with 4 percent % saves at about 320 liter, 15 percent (%) more mileages at about (85777 kilometres) compare with others technologies conversional tires. These products are from modern silica compound.

At the bottom area of tyres are strong being formulate because to protect pattern tyres and reduce for produce heat from tyres.

With characteristic pressure distribution, it role as minimize the friction force. It’s for reason why this product can reduce thirst tyres.

Assurance Fuel Max is design with usage of DuPont Kevlar. Kevlar is light material those five times strong than steel and are use for making bullet proof‘s cloth.

For example saving petrol:
            Average for 1.6 litres’s engine is 10 litres for every 100 kilometres (km).With Usage of Assurance Fuel Max tyres size 195/65R15 91V and moves with 80000 km. Calculation is:
            80000km (mileages) x 10 L/100 km (rate usage petrol) x 4 % (rate savings) = 320 L. As the basic, using RON95 and times with 320 litres, the saving that you can get is at about RM608.

Size 15 to 17 inches is about range from RM270 to RM520


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