Friday, 10 June 2011

exercise: Back up

Good prosedure to keep our posture and our spines strong, it has to be done by exercising the back of body as the core of the body. The exercise are not required a machine or equipment or pills to get spines as the body's centre of stability. In the signature, or founders exercise, knees are bent over ankles, the body hinges from the hip joint, and the movement originates in the pelvis, hips and hip joints. the exercises are designed to augment, rather than replace,a regular fitness as regime.
Dr Eric Goodman co author with Peter Park of Foundation: Redifine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain and Move with Confidence, said that, this exercise are addition step after get trainning or doing cardio. Goodman advocates a four-to-one ratio of back-to-front training. "for every four exercises you do for the back of the body, you get to do for the front. I think that's the opposite of what most people doing". Park said too many workouts reinforce sedentary postures. "You see a guy who is sedentary all day go to the gym, do bench presses and ride on a bike. He's reinforcing what he did all day" said Park. " We're tryingto bring everyone back to the centre, where they should be"-Reuters Life article from DORENE INTERNICOLA   


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