Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How to make an exercise looks FUN, SAFE and EXCITING moment??

Prepare yourselves first with refer to get doctor’ advise before starting exercise’s program. Start slowly and make it alternate for a few weeks. After that start with 2 – 3 minutes, takes 2-3 minutes and continue again until to 15 minutes. This exercise must going up with 2-3 minutes within extended to 30 minutes in a week.

Warming up is need before you start activities to prevent pains after exercise. Cooling process must follow after the exercise like walking.

Slow down the activities if you get difficult to breath. STOP immediately when you get that not comfortable, pain and headache.

Your cloth, shoes and pants must be comfort, matching and loose fit.
Don’t eat when you hungry or full load.

Times yang be suited
·        early morning (before 9.30 am –Malaysia)
·        evening (after 6 pm- Malaysia)

·        flat surface
·        dull area
·        luminous area

Make sure take drinking water before, during and after doing exercise. This is because to replace the water in body that has been loses during in sweating.

If you are sufferers Diabetes person, bring sweet with you. Eat when you feels headache suddenly because you get Hypoglycemia symptoms (low glucose level).

If you have high blood-pressure, STOP when you feel headache, chest pain and difficult to breath.

If you are obesities, don’t take the aggressive activities and try to minimize the maximum moving because it can avoid you from muscle’s pains.


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