Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Rainbow color Therapy??? RCT

Rainbow color Therapy??? RCT

RCT is a method therapy color that uses the application equilibrium of Yin and Yang. This France’s technique uses all rainbow color. Blue, green and purple refer to Yin’s energy while for Yang’s energy are yellow, red, orange and white.

In color therapy, red are use for influence the energy while help for reduce anemia problem, low energy, impression, low pressure-blood, skin disease and inflection urination.

Then, orange color can improve body metabolisms. Although, it can give happiness, good condition and refresh.[beta]-blocker found ineffective in first pediatric heart failure RCT.(Cardiovascular Medicine)(Disease/Disorder overview): An article from: Family Practice News

Meanwhile, yellow gives improve the intellectual, decide decision and attention. Green, gives contact with heart, stabilize energy in body. Blue also gives remove toxins and easy for blood’s move in vein/artery. In addition, give relax and good for insomnia’s problem, asthma and migraine.

Lastly, purple help for improve impression, reduce fatigues or exhaustion, prevent from the problem of mental disorder and nerves.


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