Wednesday, 7 December 2011

14 vehicles collides on the highway Chugoku, Shimonoseki

TOKYO - Eight Ferrari sports car, a Lamborghini and two Mercedes cars collided on a highway in Shimonoseki, Japan's southeast Wednesday.

According to news agency AP, the police said the collision caused by a driver of a Ferrari is trying to change the way before the car hit the road barrier.

Ferrari is then turned on the highway.


Several other cars trying to avoid the collision because of the Ferrari.

No one seriously injured in the crash, but police in the province Yamaguchi said 10 people were treated for injuries suffered.

Police said 14 cars were involved in the accident.


AFP news agency reported that the cost of such breach involves 300 million yen (RM12.07 million).

Ferrari new car prices are more than 20 million yen (RM804, 794), while Lamborghini priced up to 30 million yen (RM1.20 million). - Agency

 excerpts from the admin: well all right charity (14 cars) to the admin to use.


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