Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sick after biting sheep testicles

Cheyenne, United States (U.S.) - Two shepherds fell ill after the bite and to break the testes (testicles) some sheep in a single event in the state of castrated animals Wyoming, MailOnline newspaper reported yesterday.

People who have diarrhea, vomiting, stomach churn and fever admitted to a local hospital recently and confirmed inflammation of the intestines caused by bacteria kampilobakter jejuni.

Wyoming Department of Health is investigating the case found that the infection caused by the act of biting lamb testis which expose them to germs and dirt.

A total of 12 shepherds took part in the annual event that involves them removing the tail, ear marking 1.600 calves castrated sheep other than a child of the ram.

Only two shepherds involved use to castrate the animal bites and other partners to do so with a sharp knife.

Some local shepherds told, act by mouth to castrate lamb are common in Wyoming.

Mouth used to get a better grip thereby ensuring a smooth testes did not move before it is discarded. - Agency


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