Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Deepika: Slapped Tv Host

Deepika Padukone  
has been bikin excited! The beautiful actress has shocked the public when she slapped TV host, Vivaan at the launch of the Zoom in Mumbai, India recently.

However, Deepika seems to have its own reasons. Deepika said: "Indeed it is the will of the script. I needed to slap Vivaan for the first episode of Zoom. So I too slap face him."


But his actions are not seen by the fans and the general public as a script, thus forcing the situation Deepika to appear to give an explanation.

Added to the web lawab TOI: "Yes, I know my fans and the general public does not understand that I Vivaan slap at the instance of the script. That's why I come to make this explanation to avert problems in the future."


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