Thursday, 8 September 2011

iPad for 'Feasting' Media

The first scenario was to use iPad use the gadget as a media glutton. That is, using the IPAD as a main tool to enjoy a variety of existing content.

This function is the most logical for the iPad, given the screen size is quite a relief (compared to the iPhone) and the picture quality and sound are fairly clear.

In addition to video and music, media consumption can be made ​​to the content internet. Leading newspapers and magazines, especially those from the U.S., as if competing to bring an application for the iPad.

Applications NYT Editor's Choice of the New York Times to 'digital magazine' of Time are among the most unsightly. A common approach is to: bring the style sheets of paper in digital form.

Apple iBooks also have set up (currently only available in the U.S.) to bring the content of books in the iPad. This makes the iPad often than the Kindle, the e-book reader from Amazon. Oh yes, Amazon Kindle is also present applications for the iPad.

IPad applications that can help teachers manage their time and record the ideas of learning plan are: -
1. Bento: The application makes it easier for teachers to monitor learning plans, appointments and notes about the students.
2. Mobile mouse: It can change your iPad a remote control for use in the classroom.
3. Dropbox: Allows related records stored on computer education and coordinated storage space on the Internet. Files stored can then be accessed from school or from your home computer.
4. Quick Voice Recorder: Record in the classroom learning activities and analysis of the details for inspection purposes to improve the quality of learning.
5. Idea Boards: Do not let the ideas that arise spontaneously disappear. Record the ideas and make a draft to regulate the class. You can also put a reminder in the notes that have been stored.
6. World Atlas HD: free applications offered by the National Geographic will allow you to use the map for reference. This map can be associated with elements of the student is not easy to attract a bit tired during the learning session.

7. BBC News: Use the latest news resources as a source material for the provision of teaching materials related to current events, history and much more.
8. The skeletal System Pro: biology teacher or lecturer can take advantage of the medical course of this application to facilitate students' understanding of the skeletal system, muscular, digestive and other anatomy.
9. GoSkyWatch Planetarium: astronomy application is the best teaching aids for subjects related to astronomy. It can be used when the observed star to further enhance the understanding of the students.
10. Cram: Educators can use this application to provide quizzes and tests for students. Teachers can also access the quiz and test savings bank online to facilitate the assessment of the level of understanding of a subject being taught.


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