Thursday, 25 August 2011

Capsule Earth balloons to tourists see

BARCELONA - A Spanish company created a capsule that will take tourists into Earth's stratosphere using helium balloons in 2013, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

Stratosphere at a height between 12 and 50 kilometers from the Earth.

Company's Zero 2 Infinity will cost a total of £ 90,000 (RM442, 734) for every tourist in the capsule for about five hours.

The tourists will enjoy views of the Earth. The capsule is designed so that they can wear T-shirts while on it.

FORM capsule that will be boarded by visitors.


Chief Executive Officer of Zero 2 Infinity, Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales said he got the idea to implement the project ten years ago.

So far, three tests have been conducted at a distance of 32.18 kilometers from Earth.

The tourists will be served food while they are in the capsules. - Agencies


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