Friday, 12 August 2011

Firefly 12 tickets available, back home...yeah

Seize the chance to win 12 tickets to go back to two people with the accompanying 'FireFly' s Flight Stimulator Challenge 'with the radio circuit AMP and Weekends this.

Draft Morning Crew with JJ and Ean in and Late Era With Adi and Reza in will select listeners every day to become sebahagian than their troops in cabaran which will be held at the Lifestyle Experiential Centre (LEX), Empire Subang on 13 and 14 Ogos this.


Chairman of its Marketing and Communications, Corrina Angelina Fernandez (picture) said, cabaran with AMP radio series aims to attract more young people crowded in the aviation industry, making it once gus kerjaya choice.

"Aktiviti sebegini also very menyeronokkan but can provide opportunities to experience going juruterbang tasted really fly airplanes," he said.


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