Friday, 12 August 2011

Apple become the world's largest company

NEW YORK, United States (U.S.) - Giant U.S. computers and mobile phones, Apple cut global oil producer, Exxon Mobil as the largest company in the world for a while yesterday.

The value of Apple company founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 producing a smart phone iPhone and iPad tablet computer that was U.S. $ 341.5 billion (RM1.027 trillion) yesterday once overcame Exxon is worth U.S. $ 340 billion (RM1.023 trillion).

However, Exxon and then reclaim the title of world's largest companies as its shares rose to $ 352.9 billion (RM1.06 trillion), while Apple is in second place with a share value of U.S. $ 346.7 billion (RM1.04 trillion).

"Creativity takes on the strength and nature of man," said website founder of, Brent Hoberman.

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Exxon is also known under the brand name Esso, acclaimed environmental activist while Apple is credited with successfully transform daily life with the introduction of gadgets like the iPod, and iPhone iPad.
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Experts, however, believes Apple will become the first business beyond the U.S. $ 1 trillion (RM3 trillion) in the near future following the rapid growth of the company. - Agencies


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