Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Strange equipment bestseller flood season in Bangkok

BANGKOK - The flooding that hit the Thai capital here give a windfall to small businesses that sell a variety of items used during a flood.
Among these include multicolored rubber boots, jet skiing, water pump, fan boats and plastic wrap.
In fact, the mechanics here offer services that were flooded to float the vehicle using styrofoam material.
They also make special modifications to fit the engine and exhaust snorkel modified to allow cars, trucks and motorcycles grew through flooded roads.
The mechanics of the city's busy with special equipment that are modified to allow cars, trucks and motorcycles through flooded areas.
A 24-year-old mechanic, Thong Dechapak said the family garage to charge U.S. $ 333 (RM1, 049) to install two devices may be.

Device engine driven up past the roof of the car such as snorkel dive.
It serves to draw air to enable combustion to occur when the vehicle engine through flood water.
"The demand for higher device. We accept customer orders about two months ago, when the territories north of the city was first covered with flood water," said Thong.

The image recorded on November 7 and shows a jet ski is placed on a truck for sale in Bangkok.
Another dealer, Wiweena Boonsanong, 27, is selling a variety of rubber boots that come in various colors.
"Women want to love fashion even in a flood, we want to look cute," said Boonsanong.
Within an hour, the trader can sell the six pairs of rubber boots for $ 12 (RM37) a pair.
In addition to rubber boot, the machine can be used as a fan to move the bamboo raft fans also received a request encouraging.
A machine is sold at a price of around U.S. $ 315 (RM993).
Wichra Lertrasamee that sells equipment to state, a purchaser to buy to move the bamboo raft.
The family began selling equipment for the flood season at his home in Chachergsao region, east of Bangkok.
When the flood struck from the north, he set up temporary shop in the area near the Pathum Thani.
When the region is also affected by the floods, he moved his business to Bangkok.

According to him, he got up from bed at 3 am in order to arrive in the city by 5 am for a strategic place in the market. Some areas in Bangkok are still flooded. - Agency


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