Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ridiculous Result???

Today Fail..but still in track...barca go barca..take the challenge. Despite fail to continue celebrate the historic, Messi still show their abilities in that match.

marvellous Free-kick from Mesut
Real Madrid save from dumped by Dortmund. The Germany’ giant show their hungry in blasts the Galacticos down. Thanks to Reus..ridiculous shoot from distance..Mesut Ozil secure their point by marvellous free-kick from 2-4 minutes left

Malaga make their history go through to next round for maintain their position at the top of group. Ac Milan still in struggling in taht group B..Allegri keep his mouth left out.

oscar scored Fourth Goal in this campaign

Porto and Man United there is no problem to continue the struggle..they can rest the important player or arranged their team to gives challenge next round.

Ibra help the team-assist all 4 goal

Team of English clubs (Chelsea,Man City and Arsenal) still in the dim level of their capabilities.

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