Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Al Furqon Al Haq is fake QURAN (II)

Muslims return shocked by writing a book that later claimed as "incomparable" Al-Quran. The book's title is also taken from one of the properties of Al-Quran, namely "Al Discrimination" (distinguishing between truth and falsehood).

In the instruction, the second author never mentions the full name, Al Saffee and Al Mahdy, stating his call: "To the Arab nations in particular and Muslim Ummah in general around the world:" Peace and mercy of God reigns supreme over all things. "But in the medium at, the author plainly says that this book is "The most plausible challenge to the Arabic Quran in history" (the real challenge of the Quran in Arabic in history).

In a press release issued by Baptist Press during the early publication of a book prepared for seven years, Al Mahdy says with optimism: "Let the Christian community around the world prepare to celebrate the presence of the Islamic nation to be apostates into the midst of them" .

 We must always remember that one day the Quran will ascend to heaven.

So that's when the emergence of the Last Day.

This is proof of Allah: "Arrangements are to be put out (the light of) Allah with their mouths, and Allah will complete His Light even though the disbelievers hate" (Ash Shaff: 8).
They defy God by making false Quran when Allah has cautioned:

قال تعالى: وإن كنتم في ريب مما نزلنا على عبدنا فأتوا بسورة من مثله وادعوا شهدآءكم من دون الله إن كنتم صادقين {23} فإن لم تفعلوا ولن تفعلوا فاتقوا النار التي وقودها الناس والحجارة أعدت للكافرين {24}

"And if you (still) in doubt about the Qur'an which We reveal unto Our slave (Muhammad), create a letter (only) of the Qur'an Resembling like it and encourage all friends and friendship besides Allah, if you are who is true. (23). So if you can not make (him) and you would not be able to make (him), fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for those who reject (24) ".



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