Thursday, 4 October 2012

Casanova involved rape, abrasion money woman arrested


KUALA LUMPUR - A Casanovas exploit appearance and sweet words to deceive a woman possessed to be able to support life as unemployed for months.

More unfortunate victims seduced by the physical appearance of the 32-year-old man was willing to have sex with the suspect.

Action bed between the victim and the suspect was shot by a man's cell phone.

The suspect then also made recordings as a tool to blackmail each victim to get a quick buck.

However, deceition of 
Casanovas from Ketereh, Kelantan was exposed when a 31-year-old model made ​​a police report on 29 September, claiming she was raped and cheated suspects.
We expect that the groups no longer gullible women with persuasion appeal of this so-called womanizer.
 This can only damage the womanizer family harmony


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