Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The more colorful crayfish caught

PORTLAND, United States - Scientists now find there are many blue lobster, orange, yellow, and the colorful fishing nets tangled in the past two years here.

Normally, lobster fishermen caught here are brown-green.


Before this, writing that states the probability of catching a blue lobster is a for every two million pieces.

The probability to catch lobster in orange is the a for every 30 million pieces.

However, the Executive Director of Conservation Lobster in Friendship, Maine, Diane Cowan said there were large increases in life span of the animal.


He said this happened because the number of animals prowler to make shrimp as food has declined.

He said the number of animals reduced prowler is causing more and more shrimp, which can survive once caught in fishing nets. - Agency


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