Friday, 6 July 2012

Technology ruler accepted goal, pioneering EPL

ZURICH - The use of goal line technology finally got the green light from the International FA Board (IFAB) and will be in use in the English Premier League (EPL) this season.


Following a series of controversies and polemics, including the incident involving Frank Lampard's goal against Germany in World Cup 2012 and also during the recent Euro 2012, the football started to make a difference - to detect exactly where the network involves controversy.


IFAB gave its approval to the use of two of the Hawk-Eye and GoalRef at a meeting held here yesterday.

In addition to the Premier League when the competition, this approach will be used during the FIFA Club World Cup in December and if successful, will be adopted by the 2013 Confederations Cup and 2014 World Cup.


BBC quoted, the EPL said, "The Premier League has long championed the goal line technology."


"We welcome the decision IFAB today and we will hold discussions with both the provider (system) Hawk-Eye and GoalRef in the near future to introduce goal line technology to the fullest extent possible," he said.

English FA general secretary, Alex Horne said, up to the Premier League to decide on a time scale implementation of this new approach, the highly anticipated many with mixed feelings.


Hawk-Eye system has been tested at St Mary's Stadium Southampton property in May.


IFAB stressed that the technology will not be used to help referees make any other decision of when to judge a match.

Controversial issue of goal once again be the focus during Euro 2012, which ended earlier this week when Ukraine, denied the hosts with an equalizer in the match they were beaten by England 1-0.


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