Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Derya Sert: transplant-first-successful-uterus

Antalya, Turkey - A wife here, Derya ado is the first woman in the world to receive the uterus from a donor who has died at the same time lightening the hopes of millions of pregnant women is difficult to bear children.

A team of doctors Akdeniz University Hospital in Antalya province, northern Turkey, managed to perform surgery on the uterus transfer Derya on 9 August.


Pregnant women can not be born without a uterus because as in every 5,000 women around the world.

"Happy and excited, my mixed feelings," said 21-year-old Derya.

The housewife who is married to an auto mechanic is lying in hospital for six months.

"Rahim has become my own organs, we had been waiting for this moment, 'said the housewife.

Surgery for womb transplant surgery Derya is second in the world with the procedure was first performed in Saudi Arabia in 2000.

The first operation involves the womb of a living donor is doomed to failure because a lot of blood clot formation thus forcing the doctors to remove organs concerned.

Team doctors in Turkey are confident the problem can be overcome by using the womb of the dead as more tissue and blood vessels surrounding the uterus donors to be inserted into the body of the recipient.

"This operation is successful but the real success is when Derya healthy baby," said a surgeon at Akdeniz University Hospital, Omer Ozkan.

He said the six-month period before the Derya submitted to gynecological specialists who will put her fetus from the seeds produced before the operation took place.


"In my opinion, the earliest she could be pregnant after six months of this surgery. If not, he may take up to seven or eight months," said Omer. - AFP


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