Friday, 22 July 2011

Stores selling fake Apple Gadgets

                                          SPACE in the Apple computer store is believed to false.

BEIJING - China's population obsessed with the iPhone and iPad mobile phones has resulted in widespread cloning gadgets such as a fake Apple stores exist in Kunming.

Employees at the store also think that they actually work with Apple the company owner from the United States (U.S.) real Steve Jobs.

Shop was found by a U.S. blogger who feel cheated by the store before she read and realized the truth.

If seen at a glance, a computer and an apple is a symbol of the Apple logo appears genuine.

Photos published on the site showed workers wearing blue on the original Apple employees naturally worn.

SPACE in the Apple computer store is believed to false.

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However, the stairs in the store has seen a low quality of construction and the walls are not painted properly.

Logo available at the door of the shop is not the same as the actual Apple logo.

According to the blogger known only as BirdAbroad: "I do not know if the computer is genuine or false. It looks authentic but is difficult to confirm.

"Until yesterday, the shop is still open." - AFP


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