Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nissan GT-R performance car rivals West

AFTER more than two months, various types of cars are displayed in this column. However, high-performance car yet I write. Not any, only a few such cars that could have it. The era of mass-performance cars like the Toyota Corolla AE86, Nissan and Ford TX3 Superturbo March appears to have lapsed swallowed history. Today, the majority of such machines is now available in premium to ordinary people could only see and mengidamkannya. Cooking does not, the price of a high-performance cars are equal to or exceeds the value of a terraced house or bungalow in the village.
Challenging the ego
UNIT engines that can produce power to 530PS!

I'm not sure what the public memory of the people of Malaysia to Nissan. Old people may associate it with a model or Sentra Sunny Genting taxis. Young people are certainly thinking of greatness in the sport of drift cefiro model. For those who already have a family, they'll think of Grand Livina models. Whatever, Nissan sent a clear message to the presence of a model, Nissan GT-R. Great cars from Japanese car manufacturers are challenging Western ego-performance car manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin, each representing Germany, Italy and Britain. Japan is able to offer great cars only at half price or less than the western car manufacturers. That is the old tactic that is now copied by Korean car manufacturers. 2GT-R or its original name Skyline is not born within two or three years. Legacy started many years after the first model produced by the Prince Motor Company in 1957, before they joined Nissan in 1966.
Dipantaskan continue into 2007, Nissan introduced the GT-R to drop the Skyline name. The latest model significantly increase the Nissan name. Sign in year 2011, model new face (facelift) was developed based on the theme of World's best multi-responsive performance and pleasure of driving. Exterior features more powerful and stable. In addition to other updates to contribute a combination of better aerodynamics.
The enhanced engine power Downforce GT-R has been reduced. While the drag coefficient is down from 12:27 to 12:26. Improved vehicle stability through the bumper and larger grille openings with enhanced three-dimensional effects.

SPACE cockpit highlighting the characteristics of a high-performance machinery.
Front bumper has been redesigned with the addition of the twin fin that contributes to ten percent more downforce. In addition to reducing air resistance in the engine room, and enhance the flow of air through the radiator to cool the front brakes. Both sides of the bumper is installed LED lights during the day and now the European market car accessories required. Rear bumper is no exception to receive cosmetic surgery in the center of gravity low and the tip extended. With the extension of the rear diffuser (diffuser), cooling the bottom floor to get better and reduced wind resistance. Cooling of the exhaust silencer is also improved. Downforce rear successfully increased by ten percent through the use of the rear bumper to remove the outlet air space on the rear wheel. High berpadatan LED fog lamps are installed together with the rear diffuser.
In terms of mechanical, GT-R engine output increased to 530PS @ 6.400 rpm and maximum torque of 612Nm from 3.200 to 6,000 rpm. Red painted engine cover to illustrate the performance increase.
Most interesting, more fuel-efficient engines. This is achieved through modifications to the turbocharger boost pressure, valve timing, air mixture ratio with a larger diameter inlet pipe and the exhaust system.
Nissan has revised the drive to replace the selection with Save Mode Snow Mode that optimizes drive torque. It also changed the gear shift schedule to a more economical fuel consumption when driving in a straight and open. Although Snow Mode has been replaced, the original features remain.
LED daylight hours become mandatory accessories of vehicles in Europe are also installed on the Nissan GT-R.
R mode is used to accelerate the car from a stationary point and will work when the brakes are pressed shifted gears, accelerator pedal is fully pressed and released quickly brake. In this case, the oil temperature will be monitored automatically to ensure durability and prevent increase in temperature above the set. Another change made was to add support struts to reinforce the frame, brakes and suspensions that have been redesigned. A combination of tires and wheels were changed. New tires are Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST Note and wrought aluminum wheels brand Rays. GT-R is not as expensive as any. In the United Kingdom, the price is 69.950 pounds (RM340, 220). Not expensive compared to other high performance cars that reach millions. There, a Ferrari may be equivalent to two GT-R!


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