Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Eat naked… loss tips

 As a scientific study suggests sleeping in your parents' bed as a child makes you slimmer when you grow up, we look at some of the more weird and wonderful ways to battle the bulge.

The key to losing weight is simple; eat a balanced diet and work up a sweat a few times a week and you will more than likely remain at a healthy weight.

However, recent research suggests that keeping the muffin-top at bay might not be as straightforward as we think. The complexities of the human body, not to mention the mind, mean that anything from painting your kitchen blue to eating off smaller plates could affect your weight.

Eat naked
It's enough to put anyone off their food, but the secret to losing weight could be... dining in the buff. Fans of the 'Naked Lunch' diet claim that eating without any clothes on makes you feel self-conscious about every fat-laden mouthful, so you eat less.


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